Our tyre technicians are trained with inspecting and repairing all punctured and flat tyres.

Most punctures and flat tyres can be repaired as long as the damage is confined to the tread.

It is crucial to know when a tyre can be repaired and when it must be replaced.

When can’t we repair your puncture?

Tyres that have been driven a distance while flat, or with extremely low pressure, often sustain structural damage to the sidewalls and are beyond repair. Tyres can’t be repaired if:

  • the cause of the puncture is due to sidewall damage
  • the puncture is in the shoulder of the tyre
  • the tyre is worn below the tread wear indicator bars located on the tyre

If your tyre is damaged and unrepairable, we can supply and fit a replacement tyre from our large range of brands instore.

We offer our drive-thru service to repair your puncture or it can be left with us for collection when completed.



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