Wheel Alignments Prevent Larger Problems

If your cars wheels are not aligned correctly, they could be causing premature wear on your tyres and suspension components. This will cause problems with your car’s handling, performance and the overall safety of the vehicle. Simple things like bumping into a kerb or driving over a pothole can throw your wheels out of alignment. It’s important to get this fixed quickly before it leads to larger problems.

Wheel alignment is often confused with wheel balancing. Balancing of the wheels and tyres is to ensure there is no vibration problems. Wheel alignment is the measurement, analysis and adjustment of your car’s steering and suspension angles to ensure the wheels are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other.

The warning signs

If your cars wheels are misaligned, you may notice:

  • a slight steering wheel shimmy where the car feels as if it’s pulling to one side
  • tyres squealing when turning
  • abnormal wear on the tyres edges/shoulders.

Wheels Australia only use professionally trained wheel aligners to ensure your car handles at its best, and gets you the best kilometers from your tyres.

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